The Great Pyramid is potentially any human being’s grave. As monumental as it is affordable, it serves those of all nationalities and religions. Stone for stone, it grows with every burial and becomes the largest structure in human culture.

Outlasting personal physical existence is something that the Egyptian pyramids could promise only a few. Yet this path is open to every individual. Rather than hastily burying one another or allowing our ashes to be scattered, as a small stone in the pyramid we can remain part of our species’ constantly shifting and ever-expanding tableau.

Germany, which has found its way into the new global world only with great difficulty, has found another project to maintain a permanent leading edge. The construction, and above all operation of the Great Pyramid in structurally weak Eastern Germany will be a completely new kind of sustainable economic catalyst.

Millions of visitors will travel to the site every year to look at their potential gravesites or participate in obsequies. Churches and spiritual congregations from around the world will settle there, offering a view of the pyramid. The employment effects within the labor-intensive services sector will be enormous.

The “Friends of the Great Pyramid” gather essential structural and economic concepts, promote the Great Pyramid’s assembly and lay the foundation for its construction.

Our project is funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, from their “The Future of Labour” endowment fund.

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